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Lilo, an all-in-one health prevention platform


Cardiovascular diseases are the #1 killer in the world, ending 6 million lives prematurely each year. We developed Lilo to help people stay healthy and treat their risks early on.

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How it works

Reinventing Blood Tests

A virtually painless test from comfort of your home

We leverage on new blood sampling technology embedded in a small non-invasive device to bring you the most convenient blood testing experience for the world of 2020.

"Monitoring my blood results in between doctor check-ups couldn't be easier now."


Bringing simplicity to managing your Health Results

We understood that giving people more visibility and clarity on their health puts them in control.

"It makes me more mindful about my health when I see how my blood markers move over the years. I can see how much my impact my lifestyle has on my health."


Treat your risk with a hyper-personalised plan

It is one thing to know you are at risk. This plan ensures that you know how to act on it. Your Lilo Program is specific to you; based on your health needs, and your current behaviours. Lilo is simple, exciting and will bring you to your next best self.

"It's like your very own personal coach. What I like about Lilo is that I can forget about everything and just focus on my weekly goals. And it works like magic."

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